Google Search Calculation Tricks

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Most of the internet users,when they open the browser,first they go to and search what they want to know.Usually they search only keywords like " latest iphone news ' or ' cricket live score ' etc...But google search can be used for n number of purposes.Example:Curreny convertor,Scientific Calculator,Tough math calulations,Basic arithmetic,Mathematical functions,Unit conversion,Value of Physical constants,base and representative conversions.

Have any one tried to do these? It is possible to do it.Yes,we can do it and the internet giant's google bot shows us the accurate result in a fraction of seconds.

Screenshot 1: Type "199 dollars in rupees"     {Curreny convertor}

Screenshot 2: Type "12 years + 47 weeks + 500 days = "    

Screenshot 3: Type "45544 x 24545 = "      {Math Calculations}


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