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Amit Agarwal is the first professional blogger from india.He is a well known and famous blogger among all other bloggers in india as well as the world.He has developed many technology projects that are very handy for all online users in the world for different purposes and usages. Lets Go through the projects ! :)
1.  -  A PR 6 Technology niche blog maintained by AmitAgrawal himself.In this site,you will find many interesting tech stuff. An Encyclopedia of Tech Stuff ...i.e.,Shortly :P  - A Project that automatically translates the speech into text.   -   This Project can take a screenshot of any websites front page and it gives the link of the images for the user to download.
4.ZeroDollarMovies  -  This Project features the online movies on youtube.
5.HundredZeros   -    This Project features the free online kindle ebooks and other free ebooks on internet that interest the users most.
6.PodGallery  -     This Project features the podcast shows all around the world.  -  Official website of Amit Agarwal used for this services,about section,Portfolio and Contact Details. Sub-domains of this websites are used for different purposes.
8.SleepingTime  -   This Project helps to find out the sleeping time of any twitter account user.Interesting :)
9.TallTweets   -   This project helps any twitter account user to write long status messages more than 140 characters.   -   This project features all the names of  indian bloggers present in the blogosphere with their website link in the frontpage.They are also divided based on different sections.I hope if you have a blog.You can also suggest amit to add your blog at here.
11.DigitalInspiration  - Here you can find useful internet and tech stuff from the internet.


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