How to use Facebook for Marketing Online Business

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1.Creating a facebook profile:
  • Add Friends,Earn trust of your friends,chat,communicate,share links,photos,videos of your online business in facebook.
  • Express your online business in full genuine way to the peoples.
  • Add friends from the area in which you want to target the people.
  • Facebook Registration
2.Creating a facebook fans page:
  • Creating a facebook fan page increases the online web property of your business.Try to get maximum exposures for your business from your friends.
  • The Steps to business success is to creating a high quality fb page with awesome content it.
  • Connecting with the people and Engaging your right focus audiences in internet.
  • Expand your horizon of your fb page through friends with mouth marketing.
  • Facebook Business Page

3.Creating a facebook Ad(Paid traffic)method:
  • Create a facebook ad and run it for getting maximum visitors and likes thus increasing your popularity.
  • Facebook for Business
4.Creating a facebook groups and notes:
  • A facebook group of your business and notes about the textual content of your online business can get you extra visitors.
  • As marketing in social media is very important as popular website receive 25% of their traffic from facebook and twitter and the remaining from search engines.
  • Facebook groups         Facebook Notes


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