How to Mark All unread Emails as Read in Gmail at Once

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Google,the Internet Giant's best Email service is Gmail,which is considered as the one of the popular used Email service around the world.Since i started using my gmail account.i received 2-6 Emails daily. After i have been to this internet marketing world,knowing more and more websites and blogs,which resulted in the tons of Emails in my gmail account.Yesterday i login to my gmail account to find thousands of UNREAD emails. i hardly find time to read all messages.So,I thought it would be easy to select all Emails and mark them as read.(Note: The Most important ones i read it :P ).This post features the steps to mark all unread emails in gmail as read at once with a click of a mouse.Follow the screenshots,you will get it. :) Enjoy :)

Step 1: Login to your gmail account. Type ' is:unread' in the search textbox and press Enter.
Step 2:Click on the small down arrow button and select 'All'.

Step 3: Click the ' Select all conversions that match this search'.

Step 4: Select More-->Mark as read.

Step 5: A Dialog box appears stating that ' This action will affect all conversions in this search'. Click OK.
That's it. Once you click the 'OK' button.All your Unread Emails in gmail account will be marked as READ.

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