How to Get Free Website .in Domain From India Get Your Business Online

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Google has just started a new service with Quotos of 'Get your business online' in India at GoogleIndiaOfficialBlog  offering a Free one year Top level domain registration and website hosting services to small and medium businesses to launch a website.The hosting for Get your business online is provided by the famous Houston based web host Hostgator,which also offers free support in creating,hosting and managing the website online through their Toll Free Call Centres without any cost for a period of one year.

India get your Business Online provides free website with .in domain for all business class peoples in India. India has more than 8 million small businesses but online 4,00,000 businesses have their online presence to get more exposure.So,i think its a free gift to all Indian for get getting there business(any-small or medium or High,which requires a website) Online at no cost(FOR 1 YEAR ONLY).Its time to get your Business online and spread your business in internet.

Points to Note:(my personal Views)
  • Requires a Legal PAN Card Number for every registered domain and website.
  • IndiaGetyourbusinessOnline is providing this service with collaboration with GOOGLE(No.1 Website for Internet Services),HOSTGATOR(Most trusted Hosting Provider),FISME(Federation of Indian micro and small & Medium Enterprises),ICICI Bank(India’s Second Largest Bank).
  • So,It is Very Genuine to use it and Promote Online.
  • FREE for Only 1Year and the Second year you need to Pay or Register an another account.
  • Once registered with a PAN Card number,it cannot be used again.
  • We Can Get FREE INR 2500/-of Advertising Credits in Google Adwords.(This credit can be used by peoples who already have setup a google adwords account).
  • Free Website builder for End Users.(GUI)(WYSIWUG)
Google will be benefited by the number of increased users in google adwords and Hostgator will be benefited by good exposure of good hosting service in India to business class peoples.So, its a WIN - WIN situation for all parties involved here at India get your business online.

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