How to Change your Facebook Profile to a Facebook Fan Page

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Dear Readers, In this Post ,iam going to show you how to convert your facebook profile to facebook fan page. As you all know that facebook is one the biggest social networking website right now.From LKG kindergarden kids to IT Professionals,have facebook account. I think this is success mantra of facebook.   Ok, let's come to the point. Usually peoples uses fb profile for adding friends and hatting,Why do you need facebook fans page? Then. Facebook Profile to Fb Fans Page onvertion is mainly done by those who are really popular and have many friends more than 5K .  So, Follow the below steps to get your facebook profile converted.
  • First Login To Your Facebook Account(Profile Account) Which You Want To Convert to Fb Fan Page.
  • Click the below Link .
  • Select "I Agree To Facebook Pages Terms And Conditions"
  • Then Select "Get Started ".
  • Follow the Remaining procedure and your done :):)
  • Now Your Facebook Profile is converted into Your Facebook Page .


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