Best Google Products that Changed the Life Style of Normal Peoples

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1.Google Search Engine:
Today in the new tech era,nearly 90% of the people go to as their first visit in world wide web.Google  Search Engine is used by the peoples of all ages,regard less of their needs.When I was in learning phase in blogging and Website creation process,i used to contact my tech support with so many questions,which i haven't understood.Some of the time,the reply would be "google it ! you will find the answer". Google Search Engine is used from 1st standard kid to Ph.D Scholars for finding information and gaining explicit knowledge.
My Personal Opinion about GSE is
" I have gained more knowledge from google than from my college studies"  :) :)

2.Google Maps:
Another tremendous invention from google,which is used by peoples to know about different places in the globe.Google maps benefits the people a great deal, during the travel situations like family tours,College Industrial visits and official trips to new places etc...During travel (without any second thought),i would take  my tablet to find the routes(directions),travel distance and check the time duration to reach destination in google maps.
During travelling,Google maps is more or less like a user friendly tour guide.

Blogger is a most popular FREE blogging platform among all internet users.This is the platform where all newbies blog whereas other professional and premium blogger recommended platform.Blogger gives the freedom of speech through texts to all internet users to express their ideas on what interests them most for FREE.Google has also created an oppertunity for bloggers with Quality posts to earn money with google adsense.
Blogger - Freedom to express and share their ideas - with an oppertunity to make money online.

4.Google Adsense:
Google adsense is program run by the Internet giant Google Inc ,that allows publishers in the google network of content sites display ads on their own websites and earning money by CLICK THROUGH RATE( Cost per Click and Cost per impression). Advertisers can advertiser through google adwords,in which these ads associated with adsense ads also and paid results ads in sarch engine.
Millions of websites and blogs got approved in google adsense to earn money and many peoples are earning a living through it.Its an opportunity for all Writers ,Bloggers and Websiteowners to Earn money online. Google adsense publisher program pays more than other publishing networks like yahoo&media contextual ads,Clicksor,Infolinks,Chitika and bidvertiser.

World's largest video sharing comunity where all google users having an opportunity of VBlogging,it's nothing but Video blogging.
"Sharing information though video" is what happens in youtube.Google allows an opportunity for earning money by monetizing  ads in videos.

"Which OS does your smartphones use?" .A Child can answer this question with a loud shout of "ANDROID".Yes,today in most of the smartphones from samsung ,sony ericsson uses Android operating system.Android is the latest technology OS used in smartphones.Android OS users can download their preferred application from Google play(Google's Android Apps Store) and work with them.Android developers also has opportunity to earn money with their created android applications.

We all must thank google for making our life more easy with a touch of a button to know infos that has changed our life style.
"I wonder how my father have completed  the degree without google" :P :P


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