Awesome Things From 90s That Will Make You Miss Your Childhood Days

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In our childhood days,we would have done so many things in our life other than going to school.So,here is the remainder for our good old childhood memories.Lets Start !
We always hate this dog and fearlessly shoot it with a gun :) :)
This one's are our world of entertainment without mp3's and Ipod :) :)
We have seen this Coin in Old Junk only :( :(
When ever we see this,we imagine and feel like flying one day :)
We could easily recognize this brand...:) :)becz the only brand we ever know well :)
 We Engineered it by shouting from the top of the house... :)
We all had a pair of this wearing daily :) Boyish :)
The Only Intelligent Person we knew at that days :)
We Pretend to be playing there was a large collections of pre-installed song tracks :) :)
Whenever we see this,we would like to be hypnotised a bit :) :) A ghosty show :)
In childhood days,We won't get tensed even if we see we get today without internet connections :) :)
Our First watch...where we would set timer for every 30 seconds :) :)
Our First Engineering Job...cycle dynamo and torch light :) :)
We would have tried this atleast one time....with our crush in childhood days....#Naughty days
Our Parents would buy it for us...but we never bothered to use it..:) :)
Our Time pass game Snakes & Ladder :) 
Our only enjoy drink after playing hours of cricket in hot sun :) 

Our 'GO TO' 
We believed that it is a Japanese technology :) :P OMG !!
Whenever we upgrade from pencil...Our ultimate desire would be the thing above :) Pilot Gel Pen !:)
We always have this one in hands :)
Whenever we see remains about our teacher in school :)


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