Make Beautiful Animation Videos from

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If you want to make your own video edits for your friends,family members,then this website Animoto will come handy for you.

You can make high quality videos with more than 3000+ commercially licensed music tracks , 100+ memories style,30+ pre built marketing storyboards with color customization and font library. This website also allows you to create animated marketing videos for your business products.

One picture is worth 1000 thousand words. So,One Video is worth ?... Start creating your marketing videos for your business products to skyrocket your sales dashboard.

Technology Projects by Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration

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Amit Agarwal is the first professional blogger from india.He is a well known and famous blogger among all other bloggers in india as well as the world.He has developed many technology projects that are very handy for all online users in the world for different purposes and usages. Lets Go through the projects ! :)
1.  -  A PR 6 Technology niche blog maintained by AmitAgrawal himself.In this site,you will find many interesting tech stuff. An Encyclopedia of Tech Stuff ...i.e.,Shortly :P  - A Project that automatically translates the speech into text.   -   This Project can take a screenshot of any websites front page and it gives the link of the images for the user to download.
4.ZeroDollarMovies  -  This Project features the online movies on youtube.
5.HundredZeros   -    This Project features the free online kindle ebooks and other free ebooks on internet that interest the users most.
6.PodGallery  -     This Project features the podcast shows all around the world.  -  Official website of Amit Agarwal used for this services,about section,Portfolio and Contact Details. Sub-domains of this websites are used for different purposes.
8.SleepingTime  -   This Project helps to find out the sleeping time of any twitter account user.Interesting :)
9.TallTweets   -   This project helps any twitter account user to write long status messages more than 140 characters.   -   This project features all the names of  indian bloggers present in the blogosphere with their website link in the frontpage.They are also divided based on different sections.I hope if you have a blog.You can also suggest amit to add your blog at here.
11.DigitalInspiration  - Here you can find useful internet and tech stuff from the internet.

Awesome Things From 90s That Will Make You Miss Your Childhood Days

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In our childhood days,we would have done so many things in our life other than going to school.So,here is the remainder for our good old childhood memories.Lets Start !
We always hate this dog and fearlessly shoot it with a gun :) :)
This one's are our world of entertainment without mp3's and Ipod :) :)
We have seen this Coin in Old Junk only :( :(
When ever we see this,we imagine and feel like flying one day :)
We could easily recognize this brand...:) :)becz the only brand we ever know well :)
 We Engineered it by shouting from the top of the house... :)
We all had a pair of this wearing daily :) Boyish :)
The Only Intelligent Person we knew at that days :)
We Pretend to be playing there was a large collections of pre-installed song tracks :) :)
Whenever we see this,we would like to be hypnotised a bit :) :) A ghosty show :)
In childhood days,We won't get tensed even if we see we get today without internet connections :) :)
Our First watch...where we would set timer for every 30 seconds :) :)
Our First Engineering Job...cycle dynamo and torch light :) :)
We would have tried this atleast one time....with our crush in childhood days....#Naughty days
Our Parents would buy it for us...but we never bothered to use it..:) :)
Our Time pass game Snakes & Ladder :) 
Our only enjoy drink after playing hours of cricket in hot sun :) 

Our 'GO TO' 
We believed that it is a Japanese technology :) :P OMG !!
Whenever we upgrade from pencil...Our ultimate desire would be the thing above :) Pilot Gel Pen !:)
We always have this one in hands :)
Whenever we see remains about our teacher in school :)

How to Get Free Website .in Domain From India Get Your Business Online

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Google has just started a new service with Quotos of 'Get your business online' in India at GoogleIndiaOfficialBlog  offering a Free one year Top level domain registration and website hosting services to small and medium businesses to launch a website.The hosting for Get your business online is provided by the famous Houston based web host Hostgator,which also offers free support in creating,hosting and managing the website online through their Toll Free Call Centres without any cost for a period of one year.

India get your Business Online provides free website with .in domain for all business class peoples in India. India has more than 8 million small businesses but online 4,00,000 businesses have their online presence to get more exposure.So,i think its a free gift to all Indian for get getting there business(any-small or medium or High,which requires a website) Online at no cost(FOR 1 YEAR ONLY).Its time to get your Business online and spread your business in internet.

Points to Note:(my personal Views)
  • Requires a Legal PAN Card Number for every registered domain and website.
  • IndiaGetyourbusinessOnline is providing this service with collaboration with GOOGLE(No.1 Website for Internet Services),HOSTGATOR(Most trusted Hosting Provider),FISME(Federation of Indian micro and small & Medium Enterprises),ICICI Bank(India’s Second Largest Bank).
  • So,It is Very Genuine to use it and Promote Online.
  • FREE for Only 1Year and the Second year you need to Pay or Register an another account.
  • Once registered with a PAN Card number,it cannot be used again.
  • We Can Get FREE INR 2500/-of Advertising Credits in Google Adwords.(This credit can be used by peoples who already have setup a google adwords account).
  • Free Website builder for End Users.(GUI)(WYSIWUG)
Google will be benefited by the number of increased users in google adwords and Hostgator will be benefited by good exposure of good hosting service in India to business class peoples.So, its a WIN - WIN situation for all parties involved here at India get your business online.

Get India Online Business VIDEOs !

How to Increase the Internet Speed by 20% in Windows OS[XP,7,8]

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Every internet users loves fast internet connection and surfing internet as they like.The only obstracle for them is the internet speed. What ever their speed may be, here is a PC trick for all user of Windows OS to increase their internet speed by 20%.

By Default,Windows OS limits the 20% bandwidth for the Windows Updates and spyware scans.This 20% restiction is not at all required.So,we can just take off it for more improved speed!!!.

  • Start-->Run.Type 'gpedit.msc' to open the Group policy editor.
  • Click Computer configuration-->Administrative templates.
  • Select Network-->QoS Packet Scheduler.
  • Select Limit Reservable bandwidth to open limit reservable bandwidth properties.
  • Click Enabled. Set the Bandwidth Limit to 0% from 20%.
  • Click Apply and then OK.
Enjoy the improved internet speed in your Windows OS ! Happy Internet Surfing ! 

Best Google Products that Changed the Life Style of Normal Peoples

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1.Google Search Engine:
Today in the new tech era,nearly 90% of the people go to as their first visit in world wide web.Google  Search Engine is used by the peoples of all ages,regard less of their needs.When I was in learning phase in blogging and Website creation process,i used to contact my tech support with so many questions,which i haven't understood.Some of the time,the reply would be "google it ! you will find the answer". Google Search Engine is used from 1st standard kid to Ph.D Scholars for finding information and gaining explicit knowledge.
My Personal Opinion about GSE is
" I have gained more knowledge from google than from my college studies"  :) :)

2.Google Maps:
Another tremendous invention from google,which is used by peoples to know about different places in the globe.Google maps benefits the people a great deal, during the travel situations like family tours,College Industrial visits and official trips to new places etc...During travel (without any second thought),i would take  my tablet to find the routes(directions),travel distance and check the time duration to reach destination in google maps.
During travelling,Google maps is more or less like a user friendly tour guide.

Blogger is a most popular FREE blogging platform among all internet users.This is the platform where all newbies blog whereas other professional and premium blogger recommended platform.Blogger gives the freedom of speech through texts to all internet users to express their ideas on what interests them most for FREE.Google has also created an oppertunity for bloggers with Quality posts to earn money with google adsense.
Blogger - Freedom to express and share their ideas - with an oppertunity to make money online.

4.Google Adsense:
Google adsense is program run by the Internet giant Google Inc ,that allows publishers in the google network of content sites display ads on their own websites and earning money by CLICK THROUGH RATE( Cost per Click and Cost per impression). Advertisers can advertiser through google adwords,in which these ads associated with adsense ads also and paid results ads in sarch engine.
Millions of websites and blogs got approved in google adsense to earn money and many peoples are earning a living through it.Its an opportunity for all Writers ,Bloggers and Websiteowners to Earn money online. Google adsense publisher program pays more than other publishing networks like yahoo&media contextual ads,Clicksor,Infolinks,Chitika and bidvertiser.

World's largest video sharing comunity where all google users having an opportunity of VBlogging,it's nothing but Video blogging.
"Sharing information though video" is what happens in youtube.Google allows an opportunity for earning money by monetizing  ads in videos.

"Which OS does your smartphones use?" .A Child can answer this question with a loud shout of "ANDROID".Yes,today in most of the smartphones from samsung ,sony ericsson uses Android operating system.Android is the latest technology OS used in smartphones.Android OS users can download their preferred application from Google play(Google's Android Apps Store) and work with them.Android developers also has opportunity to earn money with their created android applications.

We all must thank google for making our life more easy with a touch of a button to know infos that has changed our life style.
"I wonder how my father have completed  the degree without google" :P :P

Create Free Animated Videos and Presentations with PowToon

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Every successful web entrepreneur knows the fact that 'creating animated videos and presentations about the product' can increase the popularity,sales and overall productivity.

What then? How to Create it? No matter what business you handle online-Creating Animated videos and presentations definitely going to increase your online presence.

Keeping this idea in mind 'How to create a animated video for free?' I googled it and found a stunning website that allows online users to create a animated videos and presentations for FREE.
Go and Check it out

How to use Facebook for Marketing Online Business

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1.Creating a facebook profile:
  • Add Friends,Earn trust of your friends,chat,communicate,share links,photos,videos of your online business in facebook.
  • Express your online business in full genuine way to the peoples.
  • Add friends from the area in which you want to target the people.
  • Facebook Registration
2.Creating a facebook fans page:
  • Creating a facebook fan page increases the online web property of your business.Try to get maximum exposures for your business from your friends.
  • The Steps to business success is to creating a high quality fb page with awesome content it.
  • Connecting with the people and Engaging your right focus audiences in internet.
  • Expand your horizon of your fb page through friends with mouth marketing.
  • Facebook Business Page

3.Creating a facebook Ad(Paid traffic)method:
  • Create a facebook ad and run it for getting maximum visitors and likes thus increasing your popularity.
  • Facebook for Business
4.Creating a facebook groups and notes:
  • A facebook group of your business and notes about the textual content of your online business can get you extra visitors.
  • As marketing in social media is very important as popular website receive 25% of their traffic from facebook and twitter and the remaining from search engines.
  • Facebook groups         Facebook Notes

How to Change your Facebook Profile to a Facebook Fan Page

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Dear Readers, In this Post ,iam going to show you how to convert your facebook profile to facebook fan page. As you all know that facebook is one the biggest social networking website right now.From LKG kindergarden kids to IT Professionals,have facebook account. I think this is success mantra of facebook.   Ok, let's come to the point. Usually peoples uses fb profile for adding friends and hatting,Why do you need facebook fans page? Then. Facebook Profile to Fb Fans Page onvertion is mainly done by those who are really popular and have many friends more than 5K .  So, Follow the below steps to get your facebook profile converted.
  • First Login To Your Facebook Account(Profile Account) Which You Want To Convert to Fb Fan Page.
  • Click the below Link .
  • Select "I Agree To Facebook Pages Terms And Conditions"
  • Then Select "Get Started ".
  • Follow the Remaining procedure and your done :):)
  • Now Your Facebook Profile is converted into Your Facebook Page .

How to Mark All unread Emails as Read in Gmail at Once

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Google,the Internet Giant's best Email service is Gmail,which is considered as the one of the popular used Email service around the world.Since i started using my gmail account.i received 2-6 Emails daily. After i have been to this internet marketing world,knowing more and more websites and blogs,which resulted in the tons of Emails in my gmail account.Yesterday i login to my gmail account to find thousands of UNREAD emails. i hardly find time to read all messages.So,I thought it would be easy to select all Emails and mark them as read.(Note: The Most important ones i read it :P ).This post features the steps to mark all unread emails in gmail as read at once with a click of a mouse.Follow the screenshots,you will get it. :) Enjoy :)

Step 1: Login to your gmail account. Type ' is:unread' in the search textbox and press Enter.
Step 2:Click on the small down arrow button and select 'All'.

Step 3: Click the ' Select all conversions that match this search'.

Step 4: Select More-->Mark as read.

Step 5: A Dialog box appears stating that ' This action will affect all conversions in this search'. Click OK.
That's it. Once you click the 'OK' button.All your Unread Emails in gmail account will be marked as READ.

 I hope this article is useful for you.Share it with your friends. 
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