Playing Chess improves your Skills[Own Experience]

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In this post,i would like to talk about a very special game,which is originated from india.Now it is very popular wide wide.Yes! It is CHESS. A Pure mind and brain game within 64 squares.As iam a chess player in both school and college and loved chess for more than 8 years.It would be perfect if i speak about it.Many indians did not know the fact that India is the parent country for Chess game. This is the first reason i like chess.Next, it is full of intellectual thought and processing between two human brains.Interesting !

I wish every student in india should know and play chess because it develops many awesome talents in you besides exercising the body,it is more or less like exercising your brain and its thoughts.The Skills which i improved after playing chess for a period of time.
  • Learn from failure attitude
  • Improves Concentration
  • Decision making Skills
  • Tests your Patience

Anybody would certainly agree with me if they have played chess many times.So, “Enjoy Chess” is the famous quote said by GM Viswanathan Anand,the 5 time world chess champion.

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Play Chess and Enjoy !!


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