Playing Chess improves your Skills[Own Experience]

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In this post,i would like to talk about a very special game,which is originated from india.Now it is very popular wide wide.Yes! It is CHESS. A Pure mind and brain game within 64 squares.As iam a chess player in both school and college and loved chess for more than 8 years.It would be perfect if i speak about it.Many indians did not know the fact that India is the parent country for Chess game. This is the first reason i like chess.Next, it is full of intellectual thought and processing between two human brains.Interesting !

I wish every student in india should know and play chess because it develops many awesome talents in you besides exercising the body,it is more or less like exercising your brain and its thoughts.The Skills which i improved after playing chess for a period of time.
  • Learn from failure attitude
  • Improves Concentration
  • Decision making Skills
  • Tests your Patience

Anybody would certainly agree with me if they have played chess many times.So, “Enjoy Chess” is the famous quote said by GM Viswanathan Anand,the 5 time world chess champion.

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Play Chess and Enjoy !!

Create Your Online Presense with Facebook,Twitter,Linkedin and Google+

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Internet World is growing at a tremendous rate with a launch of a website every 4 seconds,trillions of webpages already created and the total size of the internet is nearing the total size of this universe. OMG !  Really itz an uncontrollable force in this era.
Internet is the big power in which the students of this decade have in their hand to empower their lives. It all depends on the usage of the big power,according to their requirements,according to their vision and according to their wishes. If one rightly uses this power with right knowledge,right attitude and at the right time, then he/she can transform his life into a different dimension,which he maynot even imagined in his wildest dream.

Ok ! Letz come to the point. If anyone needs to become a Internet-Entrepreneur , Online-Marketer , SEO Specialist ,Web-Designer or anyother IoT passion,it is mandatory for him/her to first create an online presense with the No.1 Social networking site, Micro - Blogging site, Professional Connectivity site and Friends circle site too.Below are the site,in which you must join surely in order to create your online presence for well being and PERSONAL BRANDING :P .

1.Facebook - The World's No.1 Social Networking Website.
In this world for every 7 peoples,there is odd one out,who is using facebook to stay connected with his friends.
2.Twitter - The Most widely used Micro-Blogging website,which helps you to connect with your favourite peoples and celebrities at a click. It is more ease to use than facebook. Note : Most of the celebrities and public figures use twitter to stay connected with their followers and fans. 

3.Google Plus - Version 2 of Google's Own Social Networking  next to ORKUT.
Google introduced google plus as a competitor to facebook in the social networking platform after their failure of ORKUT in india, which was overtaken by facebook. By this new social networking platform, google introduced a new feature called FRIENDS CIRCLES . You need to create circles and add peoples to it and receive updates separately from each circles.

4. Linkedin - World Largest Professional Network.
Many peoples see linkedin a platform to showcase their professional front and achievements.Many peoples use it as a portal to get recruited and vice versa.
To Create an Effective online attendance and showcase yourself, you must join the above mentioned sites to achieve it.

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