My Dream as an Engineer born in India

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Hai Friends, i like Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam and he is my greatest inspiration i ever had in my life, following his quote "Dream, Dream, Dream. Dream transforms into thoughts, and thoughts result in action". This quote tells me to dream something,then dream something useful,then dream something new and useful for all then dream something that is New,Unique,big and Useful for all.

I had this quote in my mind,when i joined engineering.Every day i used to dream something but I realised that I could not straight away dream of becoming Bill gates or Ambani (i was not financially sound)but i came to know that iam having huge power in my hand(i.e., INTERNET)since then i dreamed of making a website useful for this world like Google,facebook,wikipedia).

Start of my Dream:

From that day,i dreamed of building a website but i don't know how to build a website.I asked many friends but none turned up "I Know da".Except a friend Sudarshan,who taught me What is a website?,ow websites are build,how the website works,how the internet and www sync with websites,how domain and hosting are interlinked?.

As iam an Engineering student, i planned to build a website for all Engineers in Tamilnadu.i said this idea to many friends in my college but every one discouraged me.Finally,i ended up with bharathan and karthikeyan ,my friends whom i studied from school onwards. They also said they have the same idea. What then! i started a website initially in blogger and then converted to self hosted blog.

My dream came true with help of my folks at january 26,2013.This idea is continuouly developing every day.i don't know where this is going to end up :P :P

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