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Hai Friends, Welcome to my Personal blog.First i will introduce myself. iam Ashok Maruthi ,a simple guy from Southern part of Tamilnadu. Why i started a personal blog?This is the question that arraised in my mind after i registered a blogspot blog.???? i luv friends and networking and i would like to be expressive in my thoughts and for fun stuff. This is the Answer,i would say. K Lets begin,Currently iam doing Final year B.E in Electronics and Communication Engineering at one of the reputed institution in my area. Thanks 2 my friends Bharathan for encouraging me to start a personal blog. i will keep updating about myself and my activities .Stay Tuned :) :)

Bye 4 now                                                                       -- by Ashok Maruthi B.E.,MBA.,MBBS.,Ph.D

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  1. Thanks for mentioning dude :) Missing our good old days.


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